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9 oysters 16.00€

n°3 from Asnelles-Meuvaines Gold Beach 

Warm local Goat Cheese 12.00€

organic Salad, crunchy Vegetables

Butternut Squash Velouté 12.00€

roasted Cashew cream, croûtons

6 raw Oysters 12.00€

n°3 from Asnelles-Meuvaines Gold Beach

French Duck Foie gras 16.00€

mulled wine, Walnut Bread, orange fleur de sel

Roasted Langoustines 16.00€

coconut milk & medium spicy tomato sauce, Thaï rice maki

Main courses

Sea fish fillet depending on delivery 28.00€

Truffled risotto

Local King Scallops 28.00€

celeriac, apple, chestnut flour biscuit

Simmenthal Beef fillet 28.00€

with herbs, shallot & garlic, tarragon brown gravy

Grandma's Fish stew 20.00€

Potatoes, white wine, Parsley

French Duck Breast 20.00€

Mushrooms, Port brown gravy


Le Saint Nicolas 9.00€

chestnut & rum biscuit, chestnut cream & mousse,

chocolate leaf, whipped sour cream

Valrhona Chocolate 11.00€

brownie, mousse, crunchy pralin

vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate

Cheesecake 9.00€

vanilla, apple, butter salted toffee ice cream

Poached Pear 11.00€

nougat cream & sparkle, pumpkin cake,

butter salted toffee sauce

Hot beverage

by Nespresso

Latte Macchiato 5.50€

Irish Coffee 10.00€

Liquor Coffee with Jameson

Calvados Coffee 10.00€

Liquor Coffee with Calvados 

Espresso 3.00€

Origin Brazil, Leggero, Forte or Decaffeinato

Cappucino 5.00€

Tea or Herbal tea 3.50€


Some digestive

4 CL

Cognac Napoléon 9.00€

François Voyer, Cognac de Grande Champagne in Verrières

Cognac XO Gold 14.00€

François Voyer, Cognac Grande Champagne in Verrières

Armagnac Hors d'Age 6.50€

Monluc Castle in Saint-Puy (Gascogne)

Calvados Adrien Camut 10.00€

from Pays d'Auge, 12 years old

Calvados 8.00€

les Vergers de Plainville, 10 years old

Calvados Pacory 12.00€

from Domfront, Apple and Pear brandy, 30 years old

Some wines from our cellar

75 CL Bottles

Menetou Salon 37.00€

White, Red or Rosé wine, Isabelle and Pierre Clément, Loire Valley

White Vacqueyras 37.00€

Seigneur de Fontimple, Rhône Valley

Gewurztraminer 28.00€

René Kientz et Fils, Alsace

Saumur Champigny 28.00€

Château de Villeneuve, Organic wine, Loire Valley

Beaumes de Venise Rouge 56.00€

Dom Venitia, Rhône Valley

White Bordeaux 36.00€

G Château Giraud, Organic wine

Only children under the age of 10 are allowed to share a main course
Those dishes are cooked and served in a cast iron pot, that's why they are very hot, be careful and take your time to enjoy them
Gluten free dishes

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